Sunday, March 28, 2010

Philippines Trip - Plantation Bay and Taoist Temple

Mushna and I made the long flight out to the Phillpines recently. We left on February 22nd and returned on March 11th. We've been pretty busy since we've been home. I filled about four 4-gig CF cards while I was out there. Granted, I shoot in RAW format, so each card holds around 275 photos (depending on what ISO I shoot at) as opposed to the 1,000+ if I were to shoot in JPEG. Still, it was a lot of photos to get through.

We arrived at our hotel in the Philippines at around Noon on the 24th (losing a day due to the international date line). I thought I was feeling pretty good. We were planning to go to the store for groceries and to get some food, but as soon as I sat down on the bed to watch TV, I knew it was a lot cause. I crashed and ended up waking up at around 5 am the next morning.

That day was our first adventure out. Our friend Lizzie joined us for the afternoon. Our first stop was a tour of the Plantation Bay resort. We were thinking about spending the day there, but their bay was actually man made, so we decided to spend our time at another resort (more on that later).

Plantation Bay

After the Plantation Bay tour, we headed to Beverly Hills, Cebu City. This area is up int he mountains and is where the rich people live. In 1972, a large, Taoist Temple was constructed. It's large, but the grounds can easily be covered in an hour or so.

Here is the set:

Taoist Temple, Cebu

Taoist Temple, Cebu

Taoist Temple, Cebu

Taoist Temple, Cebu

After that, we spent the rest of our day at the malls and stuff doing the shopping we were planning on doing the day we got there.

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