Monday, April 6, 2009

Warm Weather!

It's finally warming up which means more pictures. Last weekend I was asked to do my first engagement shoot for my cousin Trent and his Fiancee Karla. It was definitely a new experience, but it was fun and I've kind of dealt with my fear of photographing people.

Here are some of the better shots:
Trent and Karla

Trent and Karla

Trent and Karla

You can see the whole set here (I still have a lot to process so I will be adding more as I get to them):

I finally bought into the Cokin filter set a couple of weekends ago. Unfortunately the weather hasn't allowed much opportunity for shooting so I'll get a post up about it as soon as I can get some test shots. I am going to purchase the gradient tobacco filter (hopefully) this weekend from Pixels so I'll have more to discuss.

Finally, here is the moon from tonight. It looks better if you click and view it full size. It's not the sharpest because I was on my back patio trying to maneuver my tripod to shoot straight up. I'll definitely be trying another shot once I get out away from the city and have a better angle at the moon. This was taken with the 70-200 f/2.8 L IS + EF 2x II teleconverter:
Tonight's Moon 04-06-09

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Steve-o said...

Very nice shots. The colors on the one photo of your friends are excellent. I really like that moon shot as well.